This is from my personal Facebook page, and you won’t know who I am talking about, but I liked how I was brought back through time a little by that old rusty barrel.

I found a wealth of riches yesterday. It wasn’t precious gems from a foreign land. It wasn’t diamonds or gold shining after being mined from deep in the earth. It wasn’t ancient coins brought from the depths of the sea.

It was much more valuable than any of those. More valuable than all them combined. It was a wealth of forgotten memories. Layers of time.

And I found it in two old steel barrels pockmarked with rust, overflowing with aluminum cans and bottles shining brightly in the sun.

Going through the top layers and bagging them up, I came to a week ago, when Kathy and I laughed like the sisters we are while my brother Robb and husband Curt stood outside and talked of manly things.

Going through the layers, there was the night Benjamin and Curtis laughed and talked until dawn. Hilarious conversations that really didn’t make a lot of sense.

The night Curtis and I spent together with our fb friends online on New Years Eve. A little Jim Beam and some small red stripe bottles.

The night Lance and Curt worked together on various projects in the cabin with some bush light.

The old Milwaukee light from my party last year, when Mark and Lori came out and visited and I left my party to work for two hours.

The past blue ribbon we drank to remember our friends a week after they passed.

The night they came over last and drank old Milwaukee red and Curtis was working on his 37rat rod and wouldn’t stop to party.

The bottle of wine Karen drank in one sitting and still ended up being more sober than everyone else.

The night Deni and I laughed so much our side’s and faces hurt and we ate gummy worms.

The night jiffy brought all those weird beers and the night he brought all the Point beer and No one wanted any.

The time Tyler bought that Evan Williams Apple cider and it was really good.

The weekend we spent laughing and watching the kids play and drank all the cream soda together.

The true riches in life aren’t money or jewels after all. The truest wealth on earth is time. Memories. Love. Friendship. Family. Being perfectly imperfect and being true to yourself.

I unearthed a treasure trove and it was beautiful. Little snapshots of a life that is uniquely mine. Found in soda cans, some beer cans, a wine bottle and a gummy worm wrapper.

I am the most blessed lady to know all of these amazing people and call them my friends and family.

Life isn’t perfect. And it’s hard. But it is beautiful. Treasure every second. Do good when you can. Help someone with no expectation of reward. Smile. Live. Live every second. It’s awesome.