Here is an excerpt from my first published short story, Fairelle and the Palace of the Gods. Fairelle and Razari have survived the Beasts that roam the world of the long ago Gods. They have even escaped detection by the God’s themselves. They are set to live happily ever after…except they are not at all who they seem to be.

Razari could barely hold still. This was his moment. The moment he had waited for his entire adult life.

“You will love it here!” He was enthusiastic, there was no reason not to be, his life would be nearly complete today.

Here was his one chance to have the woman of his dreams. As long she accepted his offer to move into the Palace with him. The Palace once owned by the Gods of long ago lore.

His Palace, while not one of exquisite grandeur, was enormous. He could have easily have rented out apartments…but for now, all this space for just him and his beloved was perfect. It showed he was industrious and obviously adventurous or he never would have found the Palace to begin with.

Surely, she would see this and his heart would belong to her. It did already, but once she accepted, his heart would belong to her forever.
From the bright red walls, to the plush grey carpeting it was perfect. All that was missing was someone to share it with; a woman to share his life and to grow old with. A mother to the children he wished to have.
He knew that things were going downhill quickly with her sharp intake of breath. There was no reason for it. It was THE Palace of the Gods. How could she not want it?  She looked skeptical. She raised an eyebrow at him.
“I can’t believe you brought me all the way over here to look at this heap. I would never live in this scrap pile. Like this “palace” was some fairy tale; the time for fairy tales is over, Razari. How would I ever explain this to anyone?”

A few quiet footsteps sounded on the brown and dried leaves, outside the entrance.  Then she was gone from his life. He had mistakenly hoped that her seeing his Palace with the bright red walls…. He hung his head and sighed.

He should have told her about all the rooms and apartments, her friends could share in her glory. He should have told her about the Great Room. It seemed as though there were miles of space to dance and play whenever they wanted to. He hadn’t said anything though, his pride not allowing him to beg.

What had started out as a joyous day had in one instant, gone to a day more miserable than he ever remembered having before. It had been a day of promise. A day that he knew he would always remember.

Well, at least he had gotten that part right. He WOULD always remember today.

All he had worked for was finished.  Sharrah was all he ever wanted, and now she was gone. He had known that she was out of his league, but he had been sure that the Palace would endear her to him.

He slowly walked up the spiral staircase he had painstaking made and sat down to watch the sun set from the Great Window, overlooking the valley.  You could see nearly the entire world from the Great Window.

There would never be another just like her. He stretched out on his vinyl balcony and gazed off into the stars. Staring into a universe that was as vast as was his love for Sharrah.