This Wednesday’s writing prompt comes from one of Angela Christina Archers blogs, “Blog.Write.Connect.”

The word melodramatic never really comes up in our family conversations.

My husband Curtis is a mans’ man. The type of man that women read about in romance novels. Tall, striking looks, longer hair, not to mention those broad shoulders and that narrow waist. Then you add in how he can fix nearly anything and that smile of his…oh my!

He’s a mechanic, and he builds cars in his spare time. He works non-stop and his regular customers laugh and ask, “do you ever sit down?”

Our children are tall and straight and strong, just like him. Our boys are handsome, smart and talented, our daughter is beautiful, strong and intelligent.

I write. I’m a writer. I’m prone to daydreaming and waking up to a snapping finger in front of my eyes. My family is used to it. That’s just momma, writin’ stories in her head again. Melodramatic never really comes up. There is no reason for it. Except once. One time, Curtis said melodramatic in a sentence.

Now Curtis, my beloved husband, has a terrible habit. He thinks it is a joke, but I know it is a habit. He likes to jump out at you when you least expect it, grab your sides and scream behind you like he’s been attacked in a horror movie! AAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!

It makes you about jump straight outta your skin! The kids haven’t got too many scares, and if they do, they’re only little scares. The kids are only going to be 9,10 and 11 this year after all.

Matsu, my middle child and youngest son, was talking to me in the laundry room. Now, keep in mind he is his dads duplicate. His mini-me. His microscopic doppleganger. Matsu is tall and blond and tough as nails. Until Dad snuck up behind us and grabbed Matt’s waist and screamed like a horror movie cut scene.

Matsu’s eyes went wide, he threw both of his hands straight up into the air above his head and spun around in a circle.


It was like a scene from an old movie…the old  lady at a southern church revival.

Both hands up in the air, “oh Lawdy, Lawdy….Hallelujah!” As she spun around in a circle.

Matsu looked at his dad and then at me. His dad looked at him and then at me. No one knew what to say for a couple seconds. I broke the ice by yelling, “YOU GOT THAT FROM ME!!!” I was proud! Yep. That’s me in there!

Curtis, my strong, tough husband shook his head and said, “well that was kind of melodramatic.”   And then he walked off back to his project car shaking his head.

The “Old Lady Church Revival Dance Story” will  be a part of our family’s history forever I do believe.