Everyone has a bucket list, so why would I tell you not to? That’s just crazy talk!

I have a bucket list. But I never crossed anything off of it. You could have a bucket list and never cross anything off of it too. What fun!
See, I create my Bucket List one item at a time, only I create it when I do it. I never wait for it to happen, I never sit around and wish for something that might actually be unobtainable. I can’t just fly off to Egypt on a whim. I can’t even fly anywhere. Not because I’m on a no fly list, but because I can’t afford it either. But I can drive!
I live my life, and when I realize that something momentous or even just memorable happened, I know that that is something to put on my bucket list, right then and there.
I have panned for gold in a Tennessee creek bed and a Wyoming river, of course I never found anything, but I did get pinched by a crawdad.

I have watched longhorn cattle graze on the Texas prairie. I have ridden the Ferris wheel with my true love and I have watched my son take his first steps.
I have felt the pride standing at the Lincoln memorial and I have cried at Little Big Horn at the loss of an era in history.
I have watched the sun come up above my valley and I have watched my friends sing.
I have kissed a horse and I have been able to laugh at myself when I fell down.

I have stayed up until dawn on the best double date in history that just amounted to us talking on a warm August night and laughing so hard our sides hurt for days.
I have lost true friends and I cried, but smiled at a rainbow over their memorial.
I have made a dinner that my family loved and couldn’t get enough of, and I have made dinner and watched them make faces at how awful it is and still get teased relentlessly about it. “OH! You scared me! I thought you tried to make scalloped potatoes from scratch again!”
A bucket list is something you create as you go through life, not a competition with a neighbor or relative over who can or did do more.

Think of all the small successes and the fondest memories you’ve experienced. They probably didn’t happen during some huge and epic bucket list item…they happened on your every day routine.

The beautiful sunrise, the county fair, the small amusement park near you, the smile of a true friend, the arms that surround you in your darkest moments, the friend that drops everything to spend time with you. The best bucket list moments are hidden in plain sight. You just need to see them.

Each item on your bucket list is something that brought YOU to life; you did not bring it to life.
Life is funny like that. You are what make things so special, not the other way around.

Sure I want to see Hawaii one day, but I have also seen the love in my husband’s eyes for no reason except that I happened to catch him looking at me. I wouldn’t trade that moment for anything.
I want to climb a mountain one day, but I did take my kids hiking on a huge bluff where you could see an entire city below.
I want to visit the everglades, but I saw an alligator once at a roadside stand.
No, a tiny alligator in a roadside photo stand down south is not the everglades, but I still saw it. My kids ooed and ahhhed over it. Why want for something I don’t have and might not get, when I just experienced something that was pretty darn memorable?
Write your bucket list as it happens. There are a lot of things to put on it.  Your life isn’t giant momentous events, but small pebbles of memories, sometimes a bigger rock, maybe even just minute grains of sand sometimes, but that is what you fill the bucket with.
You don’t fill your bucket with boulders; fill it with grains of sand and pebbles and the occasional rock. It’s going to weigh the same in the end. Fill your bucket with life as you live it, your bucket list will be overflowing. As it should be.