My Wednesday Writing prompt from my favorite author Angela Christina Archer’s blog  Write.Blog.Connect  was “A warm cup of Tea”.  I love these weekly writing prompt’s and the challenge they provide. I hope you enjoy A Warm Cup of Tea!

She looked at the old woman in the mirror. Gone were the auburn curls, replaced now by light wisps of grey. He used to say her curls were the color of a good bourbon as he lightly stroked her hair. She brushed over her hair slightly with her shaking hand and remembered. A single tear formed and fell onto her lap. She missed him.

Small hands lightly stroked her hand. “Grammy? Grammy are you thinking about Grandpa again?”

She opened her eyes and looked into the dark brown eyes of her grandson. At nine years old, he was the spitting image of her Will. The dark eyes looked into her own as though they could see into her very soul…and maybe they could. Will’s always seemed too.

She gently ran her hand over her grandsons dark hair, Will’s hair, and smiled, “Yes, little one. I was thinking of your grandpa, and now I’m thinking you are so much like him.”

Her grandson smiled, his small white teeth contrasting with his dark complexion, “It’s ok Grammy. I’m here.”

She smiled again at him and pulled him close for a good snuggle. He might be nine already, but he never minded the cuddles from his grammy.
She rocked him as she had done so long ago with her own children and looked around.

Will had been gone for only a few short years. While the time had passed quickly, as the years do, sometimes it seemed that it would never end. Staring into the old woman’s reflection where a young girl had once stood seemed to last a lifetime every morning.

Her eyes took in the walls that her Will had built. Strong walls into which he had brought his young wife and she gave him the children that made his heart sing. He had been a wonderful Dad.

Her graying eyes caught the old pictures on the wall. They had lived many lifetimes inside these walls. She smiled remembering the southern gulf coast. They had so many vacations there. Will was never one to follow a paved road, and some of their most exciting adventures had happened off old gravel roads where no one else would bother to venture.

The mountains as a backdrop still shined from above the mantle in another old yellowed photo. They had explored the rocky terrain and found a hot springs. All the signs had said “keep out” but Will was never much of a follower of the rules. They had all stripped to their underwear and jumped in after Will checked it out. They had spent a weekend splashing and playing beneath the keep out sign. A weekend they would never forget, but could never relive.

There were still a few pictures of before they were parents, when they had bought their first car together. It was the ugliest car she had ever seen, but with her Will driving her around after the drive in movie, she had felt like a queen.

Those days were long past. Memories stamped into  small picture frames were all that remained now. The clock would keep ticking off the seconds, the grandkids would keep growing but Will wouldn’t come home. She wouldn’t add any more memories to the wall. Those days were over. The small frames were all that remained of a love story. A love story that started with nothing but a smile 65 years earlier.

Another tear escaped as she remembered the day her life began. The day she fell in love. She had been sitting at the last booth in the cafe, waiting for her interview. A handsome young man in an army suit had kept staring at her. She loved the look of his smile and how everyone seemed to pass by him and stop for a few words. He had seemed to know everyone, but only had eyes for her.

She had failed her interview, her words failing her and she had been quite grumpy with the smiling face a few booths down, still watching her, causing her to stammer her responses.

She smiled as she remembered the moment they had first spoken to each other. She was angry; he amused. She had marched over to his booth and before she could give him a piece of her mind, he had pushed a small mug towards her and motioned for her to sit down.

She had sat, although she didn’t know why…she had never been very outgoing and sitting with a complete stranger was not on her list of things that a lady did randomly.

She had glared at him, HE had caused her to fail her interview after all! He hadn’t said a word, just pushed the mug towards her again before sipping his own. His dark fingers curled around the white china.

“Wh- What is this?” she had stammered, flustered by his attention.

He had smiled that gorgeous smile she would love the rest of her life.

“It’s a cup of warm tea. It was hot when I ordered it for you, though.”

“Why would you order me tea? You didn’t know I would stop and drink it with you.”

He had looked into her eyes then, reading her soul. “I didn’t, but I hoped that you would.”

They had sipped their warm tea,  and in what seemed a few blinks of an eye Will was gone and she an old woman with a house full of memories.

Her grandson stirred in her arms, getting comfortable and settling in for a story. “Grammy, Can you tell me the tea story again, when you and grandpa met? It’s my favorite.”

She stroked his dark hair lightly and started to rock the chair back and forth.

” I was at the old Brickston Cafe waiting for a job interview and this guy just kept staring at me. I wanted to stick my tongue out at him, but I was 17 years old after all. Way to big to be sticking my tongue out at people….”

The old lady’s voice continued in the old house, accompanied by the rocking creak of her chair and the occasional giggle from the small boy in her arms.