I will begin work in earnest on my new book “Running to Never” very shortly here. I have a few manuscripts to polish up and get in…and a few more that are getting dusty waiting to be finished, however I am happy to announce that “Running to Never” is coming!  (eventually!)

A MUST READ!!!   Coming April 2018 “Running to Never”

Josef Roehm takes great pride in his country and he celebrates heavily upon learning of his promotion. From a lowly Private years ago, and now a General at only 28 he has earned that pride. That vanishes however, when he is appointed second in command at Majdanek. He had heard of the concentration camps before, of course, but now he was to run one.

Hanna Loev has lost everything…everything but her four year old daughter, Eva. Eva grows weaker by the day and rumors swirl that Allied forces are still years away. Hanna doesn’t have years, she has weeks at best to escape and save her daughters life.

Josef is forced to hide his shame at his country behind a mantle of arrogance and indifference. When he is called to issue a punishment to a young woman for spitting on one of his officers while trying to escape, he simply can’t do it.

To show his weakness however, would be treason. With his officers watching, he punishes Hanna by ripping her child from her arms and sending her back to her barrack alone. She is told her child’s death is her punishment.

Josef hides the small child in his home. With the help of an old crippled guard he has a plan to escape with the small child, but first he must gain Hanna’s trust without letting anyone, including Hanna, know of Eva’s fate. He made a promise to a solemn little girl.

To break that promise is to ensure her death. To keep it, might just kill them all.

Ps. When this gets made into a movie, I’m NOT GOING to let the movie folks add in 10 million sex scenes and erase the real human drama. Let this be a warning to those kinds of directors! LOL!   I hate when good books turned to movies are ruined.

Tomorrows post, you’ll get some of my thoughts on two movies in particular. “Morning Glory” by Lavyrle Spencer and “Clan of the Cave Bear” by Jean M. Auel.