You have at the touch of your fingertips, every scrap of knowledge ever known to man. Yet, you don’t use it, as you could. Perhaps you are afraid to use it, you don’t know how to use it…or you just use it to create drama on Facebook pages and “follow” celebrities.

You hold in your hand a device that man couldn’t conceive of just a mere few years ago or so…and those that did and wrote your i-phones and i-pads into science fiction novels; people scoffed or marveled at such a device. “Impossible!”, they said.

In a way some people were right. It IS incredibly futuristic…but YOU are living it! You own one such marvelous piece of technology. That just a few decades ago, couldn’t even be fathomed. You have such a futuristic device at your beck and call, and you play games to match colored rocks on it.

I don’t know how this will sound to you humans out there, but it’s pretty simple to me. I mean, I am not simple…but the concept behind my thinking is this. I, like you, have a very limited time on earth. As far as I know, Earth is this cool floating ball out in the middle of outer space. How did we get here? Why are we here? What are we supposed to do here? Are we alone in the universe? So many questions and some we will never have the answer too.

Surely it can’t be to be born, go to school, rack up college debt, get a job, go to work, get old and die? That would be senseless. We are here to LIVE and live happily. But how on earth is a book written by a goat going to change anything? How can that even help?

It won’t.

Not really. In fact, I’m quite sure my publishers will say on the blurb that it WILL change your life. You know, those marketing folks will say anything to get you to buy anything.  It is not going to change your life by reading it. I won’t really impart some amazing secret.  Even though my marketers probably will claim it does on the cover.

But it will make you think. One day you will be sitting there in your car, and you will remember what I said, and you will try it.

Then, and only then, it will have changed your life. Not because I said it, Murray the Goat…but because YOU changed it.

You could read ten thousand self-help books on what you want help with. You could spend your life reading them, and even though the cover promises “guaranteed results” and “life changing” content, it won’t change your life. It cannot change your life.

Only you can, and probably only by small increments that won’t seem all that important at the moment. In fact you might not even notice it.  Over time though, you will look back and see that YOU gave yourself “life changing results”. Not the book. Not the blurb. Not the cover. Not the author…but you, the human who changed. Only you can change your life.

Why is it that some people seem to be happy all of the time and some people don’t? Why do some people always seem to have all the luck and other seem to have none?

I don’t have all of the answers, but do you think that we were put here just to slave away? To buy something on credit, then spend the next 14 years paying for a bag of groceries?

As Angel said, who would want to get life lessons and happiness advice from a goat? You might find a pointer or two…and maybe a couple of you will buy this book simply to send to The White House and members of Congress. That would be cool. Actually, some of you should. It could be a gift. Gifts are cool. I mean…gifts really are cool, and if they fall under the “self-help” category and get sent to politicians, well… gifts are still cool.

I shall make a rude outline in the yard here of the chapters in my book, and I will work to stay somewhat on track. That will make Angel far easier to live with as well, minding my p’s and q’s…whatever that means.

“Murray! I am your editor! That means I go through and read what you wrote and fix it. And take out your constant long winded yammering’s. You can’t tell these people anything secretly. I will read it…and for that matter, simply muttering under your breath is another thing you are not capable of. YOUR VOICE carries all the way across the stall. I heard you anyway.”

Oh Yeah. I was just testing your stellar hearing, Angel, my love!
I know with this self-help book, I do have lots of important information to pass along. Angel wouldn’t think so, but I am full of information. She says I am full of lots of stuff all right and not all of it information or even very good smelling, but I will do my best.

I might not even fit all of these chapters into book one. Angel says I have so many things that I could fill up an entire bonus pack of toilet paper rolls, even if I wrote microscopically, but I think she’s just trying to bolster my self-esteem even more.

I AM a goat, but even I am not perfect.