You’ll mostly hear positive things from me on here. However, once in a while I might just turn around and post something like this. Something that irritates me about social media postings and their owners. 🙂

What irritates me most on social media today are the folks who post: “Oh! FML… this is happening and that is happening and life really sucks”

There are myriads of folks who post  helpful answers. Of course there are! They say, “Hey…did you think about doing this?”

The answer from the original poster is “No. I can’t fix it because I can never take a day off of work. (Even though I took 6 days off out of the last month because I had a headache or was stressed or just felt like it to spend a day with my family.)

Another person will post, “Ok then. Did you try to do this?”
Original poster will say, “I will never try anything that a doctor didn’t specifically tell me to do.”

Still another person says, “Oh. What about trying this or that?”

Original person says, “I wouldn’t do that. I read once that, and it’s not  something I would ever try”  (Even though logically it is a GREAT solution to original posters problem.

Then someone inevitably gets annoyed and says, “Ok. Nevermind then.”   Which REALLY means  this:”So…you are drawing attention to your problem and it sounds as though you need help, but when people offer you don’t actually want help…you just want to wallow in your misery and not try to change anything right?

My theory is everyone has problems. We ALL do, but all we can do is simply fix them or patch them up as best we can and keep on going. Life is pretty darn awesome, and for every minute we spend wallowing on something we could have fixed quickly enough…well it’s a minute wasted that we could have spent smiling. Or laughing. Or smooching. Anything. Fix it and move on to the next. Good day!!! (in my best Paul Harvey voice!)