Looking out over the roof of our truck towards the setting sun

One of my most favorite pleasures in the entire world is riding around the country block with my husband.

To be honest, I really don’t know why this is so special to me. We aren’t doing anything, really. Just a drive around the block, some conversation and a few laughs. All in all, it really isn’t much…but it means the world to me.

We laugh about our kids shenanigans. We talk about our plans for the future. We just sit quietly, each lost in our own thoughts. But we are together. Just him and I. This powerful, awesome, intelligent man that I am completely enamored with and whimsical old me.

We can talk about anything or nothing at all. We stop and watch the animals on the side of the road and we usually end up watching the sunset over our beautiful countryside. We can drive fast and remember the days before the kids, and we can drive slow and converse on how the children made us better people. We can stop on an old field road and kiss for a few minutes before another car drives by.

It is utterly impossible to put pen to paper my feelings for this man, and these occasional evening drives of ours. Life is never guaranteed, but for that little while I am completely and utterly content. I have the love of this great man.

Yeah, he makes bad jokes and makes up awful nicknames for me. His sarcastic wit is so far over my head sometimes. He is also irritating and inconsiderate, and way to fond of slapping my rear when he walks past, but I love him anyways. I’m forgetful, the only thing I have never forgotten are my children. I’m always late and he knows my imagination runs wild and that I probably just pretended to hear him; so lost in my thoughts, but he loves me anyway.

Janis Joplin once sang, “I’d trade all of my tomorrows for one single yesterday…” There was a time I thought that was silly. There is no love like that….is there? And now I know it to be true. If somehow, we were not Curtis and Larinna and anymore, but just Larinna alone, I would sing that with all the heart Janis did.

Those nights that we are rolling slowly down the road, just him and I; I feel all of that. That’s what those little drives do. I love that man. So caring and thoughtful; irritating and sarcastic. So intelligent and handsome and yet so aggravating and annoying. He is truly the other half of my soul, and both of our wandering hearts are home to stay when we head around the country block. I am blessed. I love that man and he loves me; all of our imperfections, our darkest thoughts and deepest desires laid bare before each other.

Those are the best nights of my life.