My little sisters video and My dad in the green shirt. A Vietnam Veteran honoring those who are gone.

” The muffled drum’s sad roll has beat
The soldier’s last tattoo;
No more on life’s parade shall meet
That brave and fallen few.
On Fame’s eternal camping-ground
Their silent tents are spread,
And Glory guards, with solemn round,
The bivouac of the dead.”
– Theodore O’Hara, “The Bivouac of the dead”

Welcome home, Soldier, Welcome home. This day is yours. Many might celebrate with cookouts, but shall we never forget the REAL reason for this day.

Thank you for your service. That my children will grow up free. Thank you for your service, that my children will know peace. Thank you for your service. Your ultimate sacrifice for people you would never meet.

Thank you for my freedom and all that I hold dear. That I can speak freely the thoughts rolling through my head. Thank you for my freedom, there is nothing my children need to fear.

Welcome home, Soldier. Whether it’s to a loving embrace or beneath a mourning flag, welcome home Soldier, your legacy carries on.

Welcome home, Soldier from a place called Vietnam. Welcome home several decades to late. Welcome home, Dad, and millions just like you. Welcome home, Soldier and many thanks to you.

Thank you for serving, some not knowing that you were never coming home. Thank you Dad, for standing so tall and brave, just like you are standing today remembering your fallen men.

I AM. The Soldier Song
It came to me slow, like a waking dream.
Sunlight beyond the clouds.
I…am the dawn battlefield,
The soldier on distant shore.
In pink and purple sunrise…a soul,
It came to me slow, the realization.
The awareness that I could be so much more.
A warrior brave, leaving home. 
A single tear…escaping.
I…am the morning dew,
And the first black bird of spring.
It came to me slow, as valley mist….cool, 
Rising into the morning sun.
It was then that I knew, 
Watching the world awaken.
I could be so much more.
I….am the grass unfolding, beneath the melting snow.
It came to me slow, just as the moon, 
Across the summer sky.
I…am the whispering wind,
And the silent winter night.
Forgotten, I am never.
I was….I will always be…