Sometimes, you just look up at the moon shining back at you and you realize how very small you are.

Then you look into the mirror and you might think, how very plain you are.

You look down at, or remember how small your children are/were and you think how very big you probably are/were to them.

You go to work and you feel insignificant.

But at the end of the day, you look at your babies again, you look at your spouse and you realize that you ARE their ENTIRE world. They are your little solar system, your little family, and you are like the sun… you might not realize it, but they DO revolve around you. You see this LOVE on their faces and in their eyes when they look at you. They LOVE you, you should too.

my loves
My incredibly handsome husband, my youngest son and our littlest baby. Right here are three of the four most important people in my entire life. My family. I chose this picture because of the LOVE in my families eyes. Love directed at ME. Little old whimsical me.  I am humbled. I am blessed.

You are this incredible being with the power to help, to nourish, to watch them succeed or this incredible being that can badger them, berate them or punish them. Choose wisely.

As women, we ARE the sun in our family’s.

Be that golden beautiful sunshine that you are. The sun that soothes storms and creates rainbows. The sun that can burn, but that brings life to everything it touches. Be the sun that rises to chase the darkness away, the sun that slowly lets go and lets the soft twilight take over every night.


You ARE an incredible, wondrous creation. Don’t forget to take time every single day to look around you and KNOW that even when you might not feel like it, you are the whole world to your family. Be the sun that KNOWS it’s worth. It is miraculous and beautiful and so are you.

Be the Sun. Shine brilliantly.