A little lighthearted fun this fine Wednesday morning!


I very seldom take the kid’s to watch movies. By seldom, I mean..I might have taken them one time in their lives! Sure, I could take them and spend nearly $100 for our whole family to watch a movie and eat popcorn, crammed into a loud room with hundreds of other people breathing the same air in the dark….Or I could wait another couple months and just rent it for $1.29 from redbox! So I do..

But back to the story at hand. My daughter was talking about seeing the new “Secret Life of Pets” movie.

Asuka: Hey mom! I want to see this movie, “Secret Life of Pets” it looks super funny!
Oldest kid Gabe: No! I want to see a different movie
Middle kid Matt: I’ll just wait for them both to come out and spend $2.oo. *Goes back to his reading* (Kid after my own heart! )

Me: But…I want to see Finding Dory! Do you know how long I waited to see this movie??

Gabe and Asuka: We’ve outgrown that movie by now, Mom.

Me: Well….I haven’t and I wanna watch that movie! You listen to me kids, it’s going to be awesome!

Matt snorted, Gabe and Asuka laughed…and I watched the preview. Again.

The kids rolled their eyes at me and whispered something about me being old and getting weirder as I grow older, but I did my best to ignore them because I can’t WAIT for this movie to come out in redbox!!!