I wanted to talk about how special my family and friends are to me this morning. How much they mean to me, and how much I love them. I wanted to talk about how life is this amazing thing. That we are floating on a giant rock in space; which in itself is miraculous. Sometimes, I just get overwhelmed at the goodness in my life.

I’m not any better than anyone else, I just choose to  and sometimes I even have to force myself to make sure that I always see the good in everything. I still get angered, I get hurt, I get sad over nothing and can complain about things that don’t even matter. At the end of the day though, I, and I alone, have to see the unique beauty of my life and see it for it’s potential.

No one else could ever see it the way I do, so it’s up to me to find the beauty. Everyone else could find things wrong with….and if I listen to them too much, I would find only fault as well.

Since I couldn’t figure out exactly what to say this fine Saturday Morning. I decided to hand the keyboard over to my friend Murray. Murray the goat who wrote the book, “Murray and Angel; Unfenced.” Murray escapes from his pen everyday, no small feat, and hoofs out a book on teaching humans the true secret to happiness.

Excerpt from Murray and Angel; Unfenced. The book written entirely ‘by a goat’ named Murray along with his wife Angel.

I will say that again, in another way. The secret to life is your own secret. It’s in you, only you hold the key to that secret. You just have to open the door and walk in. It is far simpler to say than do, but the true secret to life is hidden within you, within your soul.

Basically, it all comes back to the most rudimentary thing though. Happiness. Yes. That’s it. It’s actually pretty simple. Well simple sounding anyway. Truly getting there is the hard part- and where I come in. I’ll take you there. Sort of, in a roundabout way, I guess.
The secret to life is happiness. That is all. There is no secret formula, no secret code, nothing to really remember. It is simply being happy. Being happy with what you have, and not spending time wishing for what you don’t. It’s being happy with your family instead of wishing they were different. They won’t become different, not matter how much you wish, or how much you try to make them different.

But they will become different, when you yourself change though. Instead of always wishing they did something better, something differently and on and on…. Know that you cannot change them, but you can in fact change yourself.

High five the kids on a C+ even if you think they could have done better. Praise them anyway. Perhaps the nagging parent worried them and they were unable to concentrate? Why did they get a C+? Is it because they are not paying attention or that they are not understanding or maybe something is going on with them they are worried to talk to you about.
Maybe, just maybe the high five for a C+ isn’t going to make them get C+’s all time, but it might just let them know that their parents are always rooting for them. They may try even harder now that they aren’t pressured or made to feel like they aren’t good enough.

Given the right atmosphere, and the new change in you….you create the change in others. It’s really all about you after all! Even when you are dealing with other humans, it’s still all about you!
I am happy. I am a goat. I would be happy in the other pen where grass truly is greener…but I am also happy right here.
Why? How could I even be happy?

I can’t drive. I can’t sing. Well, I mean I can sing…but I usually don’t because I don’t want to embarrass anyone who can’t really. What human would want to get shown up by a goat? (even though us goats are marvelous singers).

But I am truly happy. I don’t need anything. Everything I need is within me. I can smile when things get bad, because I know they will always get better. I know that if I dwell on them they will stay as bad or even get worse. That right there, I simply could not live with. I am responsible for my own happiness. No one else is or can be in charge of my happiness. Sometimes, we don’t realize that our actions alone determine our day… and our lives.

When you remain negative and then complain that things are becoming even more negative, what do you expect? They can do nothing else…they have no choice, the more you think about negative things the more you pull those negative things TO you. It can be no other way.

On the other hand, the more you are happy and smile, and sing and laugh and love…how could you be anything but happy? You can’t be sad and sing. Well, mostly. I guess you could be sad and sing…but it is hard to stay sad when you are singing, laughing or smiling.

Each of those acts is only just a part of being happy. They are only one small part to being happy. Happiness isn’t just saying that you are happy. It is truly finding the happiness within you and BEING happy no matter what. 

When you run around showing positivity everywhere, you begin to actually see it everywhere. No matter what you look for, you will always find it. IF you look to find proof that the world is a negative place, you will start to see proof of that everywhere you look.

If on the other hand, you look to find proof that the world is a beautiful, miraculous place and that human beings (and all creatures) are capable of great feats of love and compassion…well, guess what you will start to see?

Being happy isn’t just running around like a schmuck yelling, “I’m happy World!” Oh, people will believe you, and some will even envy you. But you will know that you are not truly happy. Some people will too. You are just putting on a façade of happiness, just simply for the look of it. You will begin to be a little happier, of course, but you also need to put more work into it besides saying, “I’m so happy”. If you can fake being happy, you should know that really and truly being happy is only one step away from faking it. It’s easy…. and I will show you how.