For our 2nd Reader Wednesday, we are heading over to discuss something Kaypius brought up. Kaypius wrote a comment on our last Reader Wednesday topic,  For the Girls Who Will One Day Rule the World.  Kaypius said, “A wonderful and extremely apt ‘check list’ for girls of the new millennium! May I dare add one: Don’t waste precious moments of your life building online relationships with total strangers. These usually lead nowhere, is an appalling waste of time and besides, the internet is full of stalkers with nothing but dirt on their mind. Thanks Ms for sharing!”

Kaypius has a great blog and I look forward to the rest of the posts he puts up. In his own words, Kaypius is ” a full time aviator and part time writer. Between some real flights & some flights of fancy, this blog took birth.”

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I am actually posting my Reader Wednesday on WED. and not late this week because I mowed the lawn a few days ago and mean old Curtis wasn’t making irritating statements about the lawn needing to be mowed. HA!

But diving into this topic, I realize Kaypius has raised a great point. All too often people, especially young women believe that the “likes” and “social media ” approval is what life really is. It is not.

“The Internet is not real life.” My friend Muck Sticky said that. He is right. A brilliant man and a beautiful musician. It’s not about who “likes” your posts and pictures. It’s all about YOU! Definitely follow not only his music, but his lessons on life. He is a great guy. Happy to call him friend.

You can and do in fact create meaningful relationships with folks you only know on social media, that is how I met our friend Muck Sticky. That’s totally ok, and in today’s world, almost a given. But don’t forget that real life and social media are two totally different things.

Put down your phone when you are out with your friends. Pay closer attention to the ones who are IN your real life, and not those who might as well be a world away. Keep your friends, your kindred spirits close to you on social media…but respect those who are in your here and now. Put your phone down, talk to them. Smile and laugh with them. Those people are your real life.

Another thing I want to mention in closing is safety. If you are going to be meeting a “new friend” especially those of the opposite sex, tell your close personal friends, your real life friends who you are meeting. Where are you going? What are you doing? Who are you meeting? What is your agenda? When are you expected to return?

Don’t get into their car. Drive your own. Don’t be at the mercy of a stranger.

Most people you meet are going to be great! Maybe irritating, maybe you don’t want to meet them again…heck, maybe they’ll just be weird and you love that or hate that about them. But some people, will be none of those things.

Some people are actually waiting on the sidelines for someone to come along that is a little lonely, a little easier than others to talk into things. The list goes on. THOSE are the type of people that you need to watch out for.

The scary thing? In our country, America, sadly those who would sexually assault women or children are “let go” by a justice systems that seems like it doesn’t even care. It does, of course, and there are many judges who REALLY do care and will lock these kinds of criminals away. There are far more however that would take a man with a little bit of marijuana on him and ‘throw the book at him’, and let a pedophile go with a slap on the wrist because the jail is too crowded.

Personally, I would any day, rather my children walk past a dude who smokes pot than come anywhere near a tried and convicted child sexual predator…but that’s another post.

In summary, know who you are talking to. Tell people who you will meet. Don’t meet random strangers at all if you are underage.  As Muck Sticky said in his song, The internet is NOT real life. Do care about those you hold close on social media. Do be polite and respectful of all of your social media contacts.

Don’t lose yourself in the hundreds of your facebook friends. Stay true to who YOU are inside. Be who you are, and don’t think that ‘likes’ are what determine who you are, or determine your worth.