Running for their lives. Confusion. Chaos. Mass shooting. Tragedy. Death.

Sand Creek, November 29, 1864.

In the middle of the night, Rev. Col. Chivington leads 675 heavily armed cavalry men to the banks of Sand Creek. Over 163 peaceful people, mostly women and children were killed; many as they ran for cover, for safety, for their lives.

Wounded Knee, Pine Ridge, South Dakota December 29, 1890.  Up to 300 men, women and children were killed on that cold day; for no other crime than being Indian. Wounded Knee did begin with disarmament but the massacre was not JUST soldiers disarming “indians” as a poplular meme suggests.  It began because the Nations were doing the “ghost dance”, in hopes to stop the spread of killing and death upon their people.

These mass shootings that were perpetrated were not acts of war, they were acts of a few deranged individuals. The peaceful Cherokee on the banks of sand creek were merely sleeping and were targeted by an individual leading a pack of tyrants. It has been speculated, even by “white”  journalist’s present,  that a few officers upset with Custer’s loss at the hands of the Sioux in 1876 instigated the entire Wounded Knee Massacre. It began with only one shot, (as recorded by journalists)  from the cavalry side, as the “indians” were huddled beneath the white flag of truce.

These mass shootings happened long before our time. It was not our peoples sins, it was not your peoples sins, however that doesn’t mean it should ever be forgotten. We cannot dishonor the memory of those who have passed in such a fashion, in any fashion. We are not a perfect Nation. We have survived many tragedies, some we as a nation have created ourselves. We are not perfect, We are flawed beings, but that doesn’t mean we should erase or ignore our history.

Orlando is NOT the worst mass shooting in American history. Wounded Knee. Sand Creek. Bad Axe. Duffy’s Cut. The Battle of Blair Mountain where 100 coal miners were murdered by an army of men hired by their own employer, for no other crime than striking to demand common sense things like a 40 hour work week.

My heart, ALL of our hearts across the country and with the world are with Orlando. They were targeted by a terrorist for just BEING WHO THEY WERE! For being a rainbow to a soul full of darkness. They were not harming anyone. They were simply happy and free people in a free land.  They were human. That was all. They were human and a radical terrorist decided to be judge, jury and executioner.  Sadly, we understand that.

My indigenous people are still here. We still exist. We were targeted for nothing more than being “red” in  a sea of “white” skinned folks. Much like Pulse was targeted for being a bright light in a sea of hatred and intolerance. They did absolutely NOTHING WRONG, except for being uniquely themselves.  Shame on the  few who would take a beautiful religion, and radically twist that to murder those who they feel would not BE part of it. (there are many instances of many religions doing so. I encompass them all from before and during the crusades to modern times)

CNN, Clinton, Sanders, FOX news and everyone else…call it for what it was. A TERRORIST attack. The “coveted” and “media ratings title” of “worst mass shooting in history” does not “BELONG” to Orlando, to your headlines or your ratings (that was to you Trump- you already called it a radicalized attack, but please do not call it the worst mass shooting in all of American History). It belongs to Wounded Knee 150-297+, Sand Creek 163 +, Bad Axe 150+ killed while they retreated, Blair Mountain and many more, not to mention Duffy’s Cut where over 57+ men/immigrants were killed for no reason other than they were Irish, and they had just installed the hardest mile of railroad in American History…and then were murdered for it.

When you are making claims of the worst mass shooting in “American HISTORY” make sure you have your facts right. No matter our color, white, red, black, yellow…we are all one. America is founded on millions of separate individuals. We stand united. All of us!

Do not forget those who went before. We were there. We are still here. We exist. So do you. Every inflamed headline is another wound. Don’t forget us. Don’t talk over us. Before you encompass ALL of American History, get your facts straight. Fix your exaggerated headlines.

WE ALL STAND BEHIND ORLANDO. Whatever they need, we will work to provide. We always will. We ARE one now, sovereign nations or not. WE ARE ONE, We are Americans. …and we are there for Orlando. But don’t forget us; the indigenous, the Irish, the workers and the coal miners. We are still here. We are here for whatever Orlando needs.

Don’t forget us in your hyped up history lessons/headlines. Don’t forget Wounded Knee. Don’t forget Duffy’s Cut. Don’t forget US.  We will NEVER forget Orlando, and we stand with them, do not forget us. We lived and we died right here on American soil.

We are here, Orlando. We are here to help. We are right beside you, ready to offer our assistance and support. We stand united, Orlando.