When I am walking down the street and I am witness to two women holding hands, or even kissing, you know what I do?

When two dudes are in front of me in line and giggling at (apparently really personal) inside conversations, you know what I do?

You know what I do?

I do nothing. Absolutely nothing. Well, not absolutely nothing, because I have a bad habit of people watching. So I say things like this to myself, “Wow. Those shoes with that pair of jeans? Flat’s next time, dearie.”  Or I say this, “How the hell did they get a funnel cake? Where did they find that? I want one!”

I might  think, “Man, if that couple would ever move out of the way, I can look at that old Chevy driving past.”  Or I might even say, “Hi! Isn’t it a beautiful day?”

That’s it. You know why? Because they are simply my fellow humans, my brothers and sisters doing nothing more than living their life with one they love. Someone else’s life is not my concern. So what if that chick looks at her girlfriends boobs? I like my boobs, and if I was lesbian, I’d probably like other peoples boobs too. So what? So what if that dude likes a good, stiff drink! I do too!

So it turns out, “those gay people” really don’t effect us after all.

You know what does? Hysterical headlines, “trusted” news sources using Op-Ed (opinion-editorials) as though they were proper journalism. (Yes. That is exactly what I did here.) I did it to prove a point, the click baiting headlines will grab attention, and folks will read the story. Usually, it is inflated to infuriate, to incite emotion. This time, I used it for the opposite.

LBGT does not effect us straight people in any way. They are  human beings who love, who feel, who care- just like we do. They are no different. We are no different. We are all uniquely ourselves, as we should be. We all are these incredible souls, whose bright lights cover every color in the rainbow. Let it be. Let everyone be who they want to be.

That is all. Well, that and keep your nose out of everyone else’s business. Unless you really do want to know where they got that funnel cake….then by all means ask away!