I came across a story on cnn  about the the alleged child abuser/molester  Lee Kaplan.

As I began to read through the sordid story of Kaplan and his poor child victims, I read more and more about Jen Betz.

Not only was she a neighbor, but as she became increasingly concerned over the welfare of the 12 young girls in the home…she acted!

She looked around, she was aware, she made mental notes of all the things that didn’t add up. What she did was exemplify all things that is “mother”.

When she called the child help line to report her very accurate, credible and sad claims, she even stated to the operator, “Don’t let those police leave until they see these children.”

All to often, in stories similar to this, there is a far different scenario. Many times, neighbors heard the cries of the child…and did nothing. When the body is found they say  Nothing except report to journalists, “I heard the baby crying for days, but I didn’t want to get involved.”  or things like, “It wasn’t my place”.

This is what happens when you get involved. Even from a distance. You save the life of a child. She didn’t have to get involved. She didn’t have to keep an eye on children who were not hers. She didn’t have to try to see inside the house on halloween, on her personal Mommy Re-con Mission. She didn’t have to do any of those things. But she did. And she saved lives. Jen Betz went above and beyond. A mother bear protecting ALL the cubs, not just her own.

It has been said many times that it takes a village to raise a child. In this case it only took one person to save many children, and her name is Jen Betz. A woman who knew something wasn’t right and single handedly took steps to fix that.

Props to you, Jen. Excellent Job.