Once in a while, I feel inclined to do a product review. We have a new series coming out for product and travel reviews, called “Free-wheelin’ Friday’s”.  This is kind of one of those reviews. It probably is going to sound like a sales pitch, but it’s not. Buy it or don’t buy it, that’s up to you…but for me I am just completely enamored with this product! In the words of my children, “Dude! It’s awesome.!”… or maybe that’s what I say. Hmm…well, either way, I’m excited to tell you about this nifty one of a kind product.

Actual Customer Review: I earn nothing and have been paid nothing for this review. Just my thoughts on this amazing product that I personally purchased and still use.

Most ‘new-fangled’ products designed to make our lives easier or somehow better usually earn a scoff or an eye roll from me. Most not all. There is one product that I liked so much that I gave it the highest rating possible in my scoring hierarchy.  FIVE wine glasses on the old one to five scale. Yes. That good.

I first ran into David Beaudette a couple of years ago; a really brilliant down to earth guy and Daddy extraordinaire!  When I heard of his product Liqua Lights and actually saw them for the first time, I all but ran over to give him my money; complete with barely restraining myself not to shove my own kids out of the way so I could get mine first. Yes. That good.

liqua lights 3
To contact and order your LiquaLights, you can just hit up this Link right here: Oh! I want one too!!



His product is efficient. It’s simply a well designed coozie, with LED lights in the bottom. The light shining through your drink makes your drink glow! It’s a BRIGHT idea, and it puts into use what we already have and already use. Liqua Lights. The must have product of the summer. What’s even better? You can use it all year long.

No longer will you have to use the old fold up coozie with some odd saying you bought in a gas station. No longer will you have to suffer warm beer because you didn’t want to use the old orange coozie with the old faded letters on it someone bought for you from a gas station somewhere.

Now you can go out and let your drink REALLY SHINE!

liqua lights 1

“The one and only LED Lighted drink Cozy that makes your drink glow up to 100 hrs on 3 AAA batteries and works as a very bright flashlight ! Just stick it in your pocket or purse and when the lights go down, turn it on insert your drink and let it shine ! Pop your drink out and you have a flaslight to find your way home. Free shipping, and a 100% Satisfaction Gaurentee !!!”  – Liqualights.us

There is however a very pronounced down side. This product gets attention non-stop! You won’t be able to drink anywhere, without everyone asking you where you got it and where they can get one. You wont be able to just set it down without worrying someone might come by and decide they should have one- for free! You won’t be be able to simply carry your drink around, without having one or two in your pocket, since many people will want to buy the very coozie you are using. It is the first and only lighted coozie light in the world. Seriously. I have that problem.

The upsides to this product are limitless. Your beverage in a cup or bottle will look awesome. You won’t lose your drink. If your kids have their gatorade or water bottles in their own liqua lights coozie, you won’t lose your kids either!  You can remove your beverage and have an extremely bright flash light. It requires three triple AAA batteries that are included and it shines for up to 100 hours. That’s right, it could shine, nonstop for up to four days!

liqua lights 2

 Have a company and want to REALLY stand out from your competition and hand these out at the next summer parade? Yeah, I see they can take care of you there too. I’m super impressed by this product and company. “We can also custom print your logo on the Cozy for wholesale orders of 100 or more, it’s a great way to get your company noticed or celebrate that special event.” -LiquaLights.us

But before us adults get too selfish and imagine all the adult beverages we could place in our Liqua Lights coozie…sippy cups, baby bottles, water bottles, gatorade bottles can all fit in the Liqua Lights coozie just fine! This product is a win-win. I am honored to try this product out, and happy I bought some!

I actually bought about four or five of them two years ago, and they all still work GREAT!  I haven’t noticed any separation of the fabric and LED platform. It still performs as great as it did on day one.

Tips: If you buy one, buy two or more as well. I wasn’t kidding when I said people will try to hand you money to buy the coozie you are currently using.

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