People are the same everywhere, or at least mostly they are. It’s getting colder now, and lots of “snow birds” head down to Florida to fit right in with the “warm” crowd. But how do you find a Wisconsinite in Florida? You could certainly look for a guy in a cheese hat, but that won’t be necessary. Here are some tell tale ways to find a Wisconsinite in Florida.

The view on our hill as we were just pulling back into our house from a weeklong vacation in Florida two winters ago! 

10. Listen in.

Don’t eavesdrop on everyone of course, but listen for a couple Wisconsinite hints. If you hear”Up Nort”, “Uff-da” or especially if you hear, “It’s not so much da heat as it is the gosh durn humidity.” You have found a person from Wisconsin.

9. Stake out a Restaurant.

Watch what they order at the local fast food place. If you hear them order a “pop” instead of a soda you know you’ll have found one.

8. Make Flash Cards

If you are tired of just waiting around, and your efforts seem fruitless, go around with  index cards and ask folks to read it off. If they pronounce Eau Claire, Ashwaubenon, Waumandee, Kewaunee or Oconomowac correctly, you’ll know you found a true Wisconsinite.

7. Follow the Football

When it is football season, casually cruise through the sports bar scene. If you here anyone say, “Ah… Da Packers”, you have struck gold(and green) There is a true Wisconsinite.

6. Listen for an Accent

If you ever hear anyone say, “I don’t have an accent, ya know” You’ll know you have found a Wisconsinite. Ya know, is a pretty common phrase up here.

5.  It’s all about Dem Clothes

When it is 45 degrees outside and everyone is bundled up in the middle of January, look for the folks wearing a T-shirt, shorts and sandals. Those hardy specimens are from the frozen tundra. 45 degrees is definitely cold in the south land, but those Wisconsinites won’t even notice. They’ll only really start to notice when it gets to about 20 or so degrees above zero, then they might throw on a hoodie.

4. Put up a Sign

In a restaurant, put up a “No Cheese Curds Here” sign and  listen for an outraged, “What do you mean you don’t serve cheese curds?” The Wisconsinites will find you. Almost Instantly. To Wisconsinites’ Cheese is a staple item. Cheese goes with any and every dish, ya know?

3.  Find the Pizza Aisle and Chill

Stand in the frozen pizza section of your local grocery store. You will be able to find a Wisconsinite there too. Watch for the folks who walk to the pizza section and stare at it, then go around the aisle a couple times looking for the rest of the pizza section. Wisconsin has (what seems like) hundreds of different pizza makers-with real Wisconsin cheese of course- and a huge selection in nearly every grocery store. They will be puzzled by the lack of (hundreds) of different pizzas.

2. Start Yelling!

If you get tired of trying to find a Wisconsinite in Florida, then be proactive! Run into any crowd in a building and yell, “It’s snowing!”  The folks who don’t get up and run to the window to look outside are from Wisconsin. They’re used to snow. They are used to the word snow, so it doesn’t even register in their noggins that some one even said snow.


  1. Beer. Obviously.

Look for the guy at the sports bar that has a 12 pack of empty beer cans in front of him, and notice that he is the only sober looking fellow there. Wisconsin is well known for it’s beer. And it’s tolerance levels.