Where the hell are you CNN? When the most historic event EVER happens on American soil, why aren’t you there?

Surely, some of you reporters are interested in it. Surely, ONE of you has to have your own voice that wants to share what is happening. So why haven’t a single one of you went to the front line in North Dakota? Why haven’t you met or even bothered to interview The Water Protectors? Is it nothing more than money to you too? Who pays you to stay silent?

When Ron Paul was running the last time we had an election, why did you place him on the ends of the debate floor and ‘accidentally’ frame him out of the picture? Why when he was talking did you ‘encounter technical difficulties’ so often?

Why are you so quick to say “An assault rifle” no matter what happened, before you even know what happened?

Whose agenda are you pushing? Who tells you what you can and cannot report? Who tells you what to look for and when to stop the camera’s rolling?

No matter what side I was on during the Bundy encounter, I noticed you played footage non-stop. Was it because you believed in the stand or because they had “scary” rifles? Should The Water Protectors also enlist the help of the ‘III %’s’ too, just so you can then post footage of “scary assault rifles” thereby accidentally exposing the cause for the Water Protectors to be there in the first place?

Who makes your news decisions? Who tells you what to write, what to say and how to say it? Who tells you where to go and who tells you where not to go? Why aren’t you covering  the historic moment when Native American tribes from across the entire country gathered to protect the water of ALL Americans? This has never, in the history of the entire United States happened before. THIS is News worthy, and where the hell are you? Who owns you, and doesn’t want you reporting on it?

Journalism and reporting is important in all countries, of course. Men and women have given their lives to telling the truth as they see it, no matter who tells them not to report. Journalists helped to BUILD this country, so where are the brave men and women now? Where are these bold journalists that helped shape an entire country.

Why weren’t you there reporting a private citizen company sending attack dogs to attack women and children? Why aren’t you reporting the eerie similarities between the past and now when it comes to the abuse of Native Americans? Why aren’t you reporting the riot police, and the false arrests, and the abscense of habeus corpus? Where in the hell are you and why are you not showing riot police pointing shotguns at peaceful people?

Photo from facebook, ROB WILSON PHOTOGRAPHY 


Why aren’t you reporting the arrests of journalists in the area? Why aren’t you reporting the media black outs occuring on a regular basis? And why the HELL are you not talking about the 18 million American Citizens that live along the Missouri river that the Water Protectors are protecting?

Brave journalists from the past would be there, documenting the entire thing instead of ignoring it and pretending that it isn’t happening. Even if you aren’t there cnn, or it’s a conflict of interest for you….The World IS Watching This Unfold.