Nothing really spectacular has been happening. I’m rushing to meet a huge deadline and get Running to Never finished and out to all you guys.

I love autumn, so it’s really hard to stay inside and write when there are so many more exciting things to be doing outside. Walking down my old country road and looking at the changing leaves. Feeling that autumn sunshine on my shoulders and a brisk breeze pushing me along. I just love the fall time.

Wisconsin October Dawn

It might be one of my favorite seasons. In fact, I think it is. I do like Spring and how it starts to get green and the new buds are out and then one day, it’s just gloriously springtime! I do love the long summer days, and the awesome summer nights and watching the sunset at 9pm!

Springtime also comes with the melting snow and mud all over the place. Our property has a lot of clay and it’s just gets SO muddy! Summer time is great, but it get’s so hot! Frizzy hair days, hot and sticky skin, grumpy kids fighting over everything three days into summer vacation.

Winter too has this pristine beauty. Innocent, pure and yet (in Wisconsin) Sometimes a deadly cold. But it is just beautiful. I like fall. Yep, that’s my go to season.

Relationships are a lot like seasons. In the beginning they are bursting with new life and there is absolute hope in everything. Later on, things will get passionate and just HOT! They cool down though, and they change. Colors that were once vibrant  and green are now shades of orange, yellow, and red. And sometimes they get too cold. Where love once existed so abundantly it just seems dead. Just cold, and so final.

It’s hard to remember the vibrant colors and the warm sunshine on those cold days. It’s easier to just pack up and move to a more southern location to feel that hot sun again.

The only problem is, if you wait out the wintertime, it will be spring again. Spring will come, then summer and then those glorious fall days again.

Recently, I shared an article I wrote on here with Odyssey Online. I talked about how my husband and I went through a rough patch; a really rough patch. It was many years ago. Our youngest was barely crawling then, and she is nine years old now. I talked about how we decided that we were going to break up, but we didn’t.

We realized that we were in a winter part of our relationship. That it sucked. It was cold. It was uncomfortable, but ultimately that season too would pass. Years have passed now and just the other day I was reminded again how much I love my husband.

He hadn’t rushed out and bought me flowers, he hadn’t gotten me anything for my birthday six weeks earlier, he hadn’t wrote me a note or anything like that. We just woke up last Friday morning together. It’s about 5:30 am and our alarms went off. He pulled me close to him and tucked the blanket around me and wrapped his arms around me. I put my arms over his.

When I touched him, felt those strong arms wrapping so lovingly and protectively around me I just felt so cherished. So comfortable. So safe and absolutely loved.

“God, I love you,” I whispered in the dark to him. “I love you too, baby,” he answered me and pulled me even tighter against him and kissed the top of my head. We drifted off to sleep like that for another few minutes until our alarms woke us up again.

What really is so spectacular about that? Well, that feeling. That love. How tremendously beautiful that single moment was. If we had ‘broke up’ when the seasons in our relationship had changed so long ago, we never would have had that moment. That single fairy tale “truelove” moment that sells billions of romance novels every year. We wouldn’t have that if we didn’t stick it out during that winter time of our relationship.

Are we always like this? Hell no! That man can get on my last nerve and even though I’m not an abusive person, I just want to punch him in the nose! He’s not the type to do anything rash either, but I’m sure that at times I just drive that poor man to wishing he could just pack up a bag and leave. T just get away from me! I can be annoying. So can he.

But we weather it. There are seasons in every relationship, but instead of cursing the snow, know that if you stick with it, one day you can look back and laugh at the snowball fights, the cold nights, and the frozen, fragile beauty of it all.  If it’s worth keeping keep it! If it’s worth it to have and you don’t want to lose it, shovel a little bit of snow out of your path!

Love is like that. It’s not always perfect, and all too often now a days we seem to believe that it is supposed to be perfect all the time. If it is not always great, there is something wrong, and we think we have to move on. To find something better.

Life is like that too. Life and love are both going to throw curveballs at you. Sometimes it just tosses a bomb right at your feet. Then other times out of nowhere it tosses you a bunch of roses and a bottle of wine. It’s designed to be like that. It will always be like that.


So embrace it all. Embrace the hurt, because then the beauty will be worth so much more. I’m glad we had our big falling out so many years ago and all the trials in between. If we hadn’t went through so many things together, that little moment of just pure love couldn’t have happened.

The seasons change. And so must we. Add an extra layer, grab a pair of shades…and sometimes just go au-natural. Life is awesome. Love is awesome. It wouldn’t be so great if there weren’t some rough times to make you realize how great it is.