photo by Associated Press.  Note: Those menfolk are NOT happy with Biden setting that woman on his lap! 

I’ve been pretty quiet on the political scene. I recently saw the video of Donald Trump saying the word Pu**y. So, I can’t keep silent anymore on my views of this MAN Donald Trump.

Who the hell cares what Donald Trump said about puss’s or vagina’s or boobs. You men out there can be disgusting pigs in the way you say things when there aren’t women around. Yeah, even my very own Curtis can be crude, lewd and simply just disgusting on women comments.

Us women can say some pretty nasty things about men and really nasty things about other women. Remember that one woman you called a porcupine, “Because if she had as many dicks sticking out of her as she had stuck in her, she’d look like a porcupine?” That came from a woman nick-naming another woman around here locally.

The word whore is stamped on anyone that you don’t like, whether or not they even ARE a whore and sometimes even if they have been assaulted, actually assaulted-not just talked about.

And you men, I’ve heard your disgusting statements, even my friends chilling out at my house having a beer. You guys are gross, but you know what? You’re still my buddies. Just because you say gross things, and you regularly do, you are still my awesome friends. You just have a nasty way of saying things.

I’m not going to stop being a friend, or stop respecting you for the hard work you do, just because you’re a pig when you think no woman is around to hear you. I actually respect you a little more. You actually trust that you can say your stupid shit and I won’t freak out on you. You also know if you say something I don’t like, I’m totally calling you out on it! You know damn well I won’t sit there quietly and listen if I am offended.

There is a big difference. You men DO need to be called out for your brash, lewd and disgusting conversations, sometimes. And sometimes, you just need to hang out with your friends and say brash, lewd and disgusting things like men do. You are men, and most of us women understand that.

But the truth is, I really don’t care what you say. If you ever act on anything, you’re  damn sure not gonna like what I will say or do. I’ve heard ya’ll say about other women, “Well if you covered her head and shaved off a couple hundred pounds she’d be decent looking.” Yes, you men are pigs! You always have been, you always will be. The fact that you are sometimes pigs, will never excuse an assault, but it does excuse ridiculous statements you make to your own fellow men folk. You guys have been one upping each other in  the disgusting talk category since the beginning of time. You always will. Us women know that.

As far as nasty talk goes, us women can get pretty nasty too. But you guys take the cake. Even my men-folk…and that awesome, incredibly handsome husband of mine, Damn but you guys say some nasty shit sometimes…but never to me. You respect me enough to only say it with your guys folks when you think I might be out of earshot, or you tone it down just enough when I’m with you so you are not completely disgusting. All you guys of my ‘inner circle’ are like that. But they are good men. Good fathers. Good friends.Good husbands.  Sometimes you just say incredibly stupid things. I roll my eyes and either join in(yes, us women do that sometimes). Or if I don’t like it, I will change the subject or just busy myself doing something else and then come back.

Men are just dumb sometimes. Remember guys, and take heed you men out there…ALL of us women have talked about how you say something that hurts our feelings terribly, and then five minutes later, you are hovering around asking us, “What’s wrong with you?” Men say dumb things. So do women, of course we do. We over-analyze, and make decisions based on emotions, and cry or rage at the drop of an estrogen surge..but we understand you, and you understand us, kind of. You all aren’t really all the well versed in that topic either.

Let’s face it. We’re all terrible at saying the wrong thing sometimes, and HOW glad we are that we did NOT have cell phone technology when we were a bit younger. I cringe just thinking of stupid shit I have said that (Thank God) Was never recorded and aired publicly. We all say dumb shit. But we don’t act on it.

Men will be men, and boys will be boys…But there is a BIG center line that you do NOT cross.

There is however, a HUGE difference between stating you will “grab someone by the pussy” and actually doing it…or worse, habitually protecting a repeat sexual offender. I would choose the brash, ridiculous, obviously not well thought out words spoken  ‘dude to dude’ than the one who would seek to discredit REAL victims of sexual assault and child rape.

I am a SURVIVOR of child sexual assault. I KNOW what assault is, I KNOW what rape is and I also  KNOW when men are just saying ridiculous things to each other.