Yes. I am  happy that my kids are color blind! Good for them. And you know what is even better? Their Dad and I made them that way!

We made our children color-blind and it is  beautiful!

You might ask what the hell I mean? You might wonder how in the heck did I manage to do that and why on Earth would I brag about it. You might even be picking up your phone to call CPS about child abuse right about now, but it’s cool. The kids are happy to be color blind…in fact, they don’t even know they are color blind.

Oh don’t get me wrong, they still run in the house with a bouquet of roses that their dad and them picked out for me and they are quick to point out all the various hues and brilliant shades of red’s, oranges, yellows and pinks. They see and exclaim over the beauty of the changing leaves. They laugh at the black dog and they are sure quick to pick out any shade of paint they want for their room. They aren’t that kind of color blind.

But here is the thing… my kids don’t see color when they look at people. They don’t see the color of their skin, they see their souls. People aren’t “redskin”Momma isn’t a redskin. Momma isn’t JUST an “indian” or Native American…to the kids Momma is just momma. Their Momma, who they love. Daddy isn’t yellow. Or Korean. Daddy is just Daddy.

Our friends aren’t Black or African American. They aren’t just Mexican or Jamaican. They are just friends. Plain and simple. Our friends. That’s all. That’s how we all should be.

When asked, “How do you solve racisim?” in an interview, Morgan Freeman said it best when he answered, “Stop talking about it.” That’s it. Simple as that.

Stop seeing color everywhere you go. Stop making everything be about color. It isn’t. Life isn’t just black and white. It’s not even any number of shades of grey. It’s vibrant, beautiful, colorful. And every minute is there for you to enjoy!

I tell the kids everyday, color is never an issue. Look for the soul. Beauty, as you have always heard, is skin deep. So is color. But the real color is the color of the soul. Look for that color. See that color. See your fellow humans for the people they are. Real. Real people. People that laugh, smile and cry just like you do. People that have dreams to dream and magical places to see. See, life IS magic. It is truly extraordinary.

There are bad folks in every group. There are awesome people too, and those awesome folks outnumber the bad every single time. Life is pretty cool, and pretty beautiful. You just have to remember to look for the good. And look for the good people. We’re all out there just waiting for you. Life is meant to be lived, lived wildly and loved. Love every second and don’t concern yourself with trivial matters like the color a persons skin. It makes no difference. Look for the heart, look for the soul. That’s all.  🙂

Being “color blind” is NOT a catch all or solve all solution, but it is a start. And we all start somewhere.