“And you think I’m just gonna dangle there in the water while you hog the whole damn door?”

“Well…it’s the Caribbean, you’re  probably not going to freeze to death.”

“That is about the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. Uh…Sharks mean anything to you?”

“You’d be fine. You’re all tough and wiry. Probably all gristly too.”

“Now you’re just being ridiculous.”

A photo shoot we had on Navarre Beach. Photo by KMD Photography. She was a great photographer and we had some excellent family photographs on the beach. What a fun time. The reason for the pose is Mom and Dad sneak smooches in as often as we can, so whenever we got family pics, we take another smooch pic. The kids are great at Yuck faces! 

So, someday in the distant future…and by distant, I mean a long time from now, since everybody is poor, we’re going to go on a cruise (and by we will, I mean we WILL!) Curtis and I drove around the country block last night and debated the idea of going on a cruise.

I am all for it. Might as well try it once, right? That was my main debate point.

Curtis’s main debate point was, “Dude. You’ve watched Titanic a million times?……”

I just kept saying that we might as well try something new, and if we didn’t like going on a cruise, we’d never go on another one. He said, “Well, duh! Of course we wouldn’t!”

“And anyway,” I continued on….”no one is going on a cruise for who knows how long anyway…it could be years from now, so you might as well say yes now, so when years go by and we CAN go on a cruise you’re already, you know…on board and stuff.”

“Well, how big is the boat then? You realize that’s an awful lot of money to spend to ride on a boat.”

“Oh. Well the boat might be around..you know…914 feet long from  bow to stern.” I answered.

“Around? Or exactly 914 feet long? You realize that’s only three football fields long right?”

“Well, It’s exactly the size of the one I was thinking about. It’s called Rhapsody of the Seas from Royal Caribbean Cruise line.”

He gave out a long suffering sigh. “Where exactly is the boat headed Larinna?”

Probably from Ft. Lauderdale to the Bahamas, Cozumel, Cancun, somewhere in Jamaica and then back to Ft. Lauderdale.”

“Bow to Stern? You want to go so much you educated yourself on nautical terms?”

“Just front and back…” He rolled his eyes at me, “Well, it might come in handy, someday.”

“Larinna, you hate boat’s and everyone who knows you, knows that you are petrified of canoes. Why the hell do you want to go on a boat for a week at a time?”

“Well, those are little boats. This is like a boat that’s a town. And it floats. And it has a bunch of restaurants and stuff. Those are all included in the price.”

“So you want to float. On a boat. For a week in the middle of nowhere?”

“Well it might be cool, you never know.”

“And if it sinks? What then? I am NOT dangling in the ocean while you sit up there on a door. You realize if we are ever in a Titanic situation,  I’m just gonna go out there and say, move your ass over, there is plenty of room!”

“I know. I would make room for you. Besides we’d be all warm all snuggled together floating around.”

“No. We wouldn’t. I would toss you off that door so fast because I’d be pissed that you drug me out to the middle of the ocean and sunk the boat!”

“Well, you’d let me back on eventually wouldn’t you Curtis?”

“I don’t know. I’d be pissed for a long time.”

Ultimately we decided that we may or may not ever experience a cruise. It sure was fun talking about it though. What I like best about my husband and I is that there is no topic that is off limits. We can talk about anything. We can be serious or funny. We can joke around about all sorts of things, and laugh about the most mundane things. He knows I like to convince him to do things he normally wouldn’t do, and he knows that I like him to pretend he doesn’t want to. We’re a team in this life together.

We might not ever go. If he doesn’t want to, we simply wont. But I sure wont bring it up to him constantly as though it is a fault of his for not wanting to go. It’s totally cool. I respect that, and he respects my boundaries.

If we never go on a cruise, we’ll probably find something we both can agree on and do that instead. Marriage is compromise. And it’s love all wrapped up in all sorts of every day things. I love him. I respect him, and he does the same for me.

We might disagree and thats’ perfectly ok. You work around it and you go back to living your awesome life. Every problem or argument is just a stepping stone. That’s it. You hop on and over each and every one of them on your path through life together.

Oh and for the record, He might say he would have dumped me off the door and took it over himself, but he wouldn’t. I know he’d dangle in the ocean to keep me safe. He’s that kind of feller. I’m one lucky lady. 🙂