I was very young, maybe about 9 years old or so. I was much like my oldest boy is now. Sweet, sensitive, helpful and always wanting to be part of whatever was going on.

I was also a little pudgy thing back then. Of course, that part hasn’t changed all that much… however I have made a LOT of progress since then and look forward to showing you how I did it!

But back to the Angel story.

My Dad and I went hunting. It was one of the last weeks of November and we were up on a high bluff above the property. The property had been logged off nicely. Only trees that showed distress or had some damage were cut down. This is a good way to log, not just clear cutting everything. As a result some of the old logging roads were still up there and while they hadn’t been used in many years, they were still passable.

My dad took a shot at a deer but hadn’t got it. I was getting cold and it was time to head back down the hill. My dad turned around on top of the bluff on the old logging road. When he had the back wheels of the old pick up in the middle of the logging road, the truck started to spin on the icy grass. We couldn’t go forward as that was the end of the road and the cliff started. We couldn’t go backwards because of the icy grass and the tires just weren’t getting any traction.

Because I was a chubby little thing, Dad told me to go stand on the bumper of the truck and hold on to the tailgate so I can add a little extra weight to the truck tires and hopefully they would get more traction and we would be able to get unstuck. Before I continue, remember this is the early 80’s…us kids still rode everywhere we could in the back of a pickup truck, seat belts weren’t mandatory, there were no warning labels on anything and we pretty much did whatever we felt like doing.

I was standing there holding on and my dad started to rock the truck back and forth. Finally it seemed like it was getting traction so he stepped on the gas a little more. The truck finally started to move but then started sliding again. We rocked back and forth a few more times to get more traction and get it rolling.

All of the sudden the tires grabbed onto the dry dirt in the old wheel tracks and the truck just shot backwards, directly towards a tree. Directly towards me. I was going to be pinned in between a big old maple tree and the back bumper of the pick up.

I still don’t claim to have fast reflexes, but as a child I really didn’t have fast reflexes. I remember the tree rushing towards me, getting closer and closer, and only a split second had passed.

The tree was going to hit me. I was going to hit the tree. My dad was going to back the truck into the tree; so fast he hadn’t even gotten his foot moved to the brake pedal fast.

All of the sudden, it seemed like time just stopped. One mili-second I was watching a tree rushing at me that was going to crush me and the next mili-second I was touching my feet on the ground.

I wasn’t just landing on the ground though. I was being set on the ground. Slowly and carefully as though someone had picked me up in their arms and was setting me down carefully on my feet with an arm behind my back and one behind my knees.

I know that I did not leap from the truck. If I had I would have been I would have felt the shock of my feet hitting the ground. They didn’t hit the ground though. They were carefully placed on the ground. Set there very politely, not as they would have been had I taken a flying leap and landed on the ground. Remember the bumper of the truck is a good few feet high and when you are only 4 feet tall yourself, that is a pretty big leap. I never jumped. I never leaped. I never felt the tingle of the shock under your feet when you leap from a height.

My dad jumped out of the truck a split second after the pickup hit the tree. He was pale. And my dad being Native American with his dark bronze skin…when I say he was pale, he REALLY was pale. I told him what had happened and he said it was my guardian angel. I never doubted him. I knew it was. I felt them. They/It/He/She saved me. I know it as I know the sky is blue. I knew it.

I must add though that I didn’t feel a bunch or warmth or I didn’t feel any hands on me but I know when I slowly and carefully was set on the ground that someone else, something else pulled me from the back of the truck.

There is only one other plausible explanation, and that is that in my greatest time of need I developed a super-power and was able to fly, if only for a short distance.

And that….is how I know angels exist!

Please share your angel story here and we will feature three of them in an upcoming blog. The featured story will also receive all three of my books as a gift! Winning stories will be chosen randomly by my children based on the story. My children are now in the same age I was when this incident occurred and they LOVE to read. So I will have them read mine and then yours and they will each pick a winning story.