I was browsing through some forums yesterday and came across a review that I couldn’t stop reading. Recently in my post “Larinna and Curtis Reenact the Titanic” I mentioned we had discussed going on a cruise at some point in our lives.  As I mentioned, it wouldn’t be for quite some time,  but I found myself reading some reviews on cruise.co.uk.

So here I am reading this woman’s review of Norwegian Cruise Line. It sounds as though her vacation was terrible and many times she mentions how her entire vacation was ruined. Because it was a forum board, other folks were able to chime in and comment with their own thoughts on her experience/review.

I did not comment. For one it was an old thread and for two, I really didn’t believe that her trip was ruined by the cruise line. I actually think she/they ruined it themselves by their attitudes.

See, life is all what you make it. Bad things do happen, unexpected things do happen, but it’s all in how YOU personally react to it that will “make or break” your experience.

To begin, they started a cruise in a cabin that was simply too small for everyone in their group. This should have been addressed long before they ever set sail. One of the complaints is that the room was too small to fit an extra roll away bed, and when one was brought in by the staff, they realized that it just wasn’t going to fit. They should have done their research a little more and their travel consultant should have urged them to upgrade to a larger cabin. Maybe the consultant did and they declined because of the price.

Most importantly, upon arriving to their room they discovered that their toilet/the loo had backed up and wasn’t working. Eventually it overflowed and the staff came to clean the room. Apparently there was not another cabin available for the group.

Now the toilet one, I would be furious about, but the staff did eventually take care of it and they sailed on for the remainder of their tour sans the overflowing toilet.

My biggest peeve with this particular review/posting is that there was not a single bright spot in it all all. Several other folks asked too, “Wasn’t the weather nice?” , “Did you enjoy anything about it?”

In looking at her review, I see that they rated the food at a 4 star level, the entertainment at a 5 star level and thier steward Josef at a 5 star level. Obviously there were some high points.

It’s like life though. We can slog through life angry at “the hand we’ve been dealt” or we can go about it doing the best we can and seeing the good in everything. You know, life can suck sometimes! Like, really bad suck! <—-so bad that I have reverted to ‘street slang’.

The truth is, it will always suck in one form or another. It’s all simply in how we deal with things. We can let one bad experience drag us through life, or we can move past it and see all of the wonders life actually does have to offer. Life is pretty damn awesome.

My point…and the end of this rant..Don’t let one day ruin the next six days!