It’s all broken! Everything seems to be broken!!!

It all started Thursday.  I had to go to a city about 40 minutes north of us to get a part my husband needed for his latest custom car build. The interstate was just jammed up where I was going to get on at, so I took the really bumpy back road to get to the next interstate on ramp. Tooth rattling road for sure!

I don’t even make it to the auto part shop. My van breaks down and i am stranded at a gas station on the side of the interstate. My husband is at work 40 minutes south of our house, so over an hour away in the opposite direction.

The next day my phone breaks and it wont work at all.

Last night my glasses broke!

The cat MEOWED all night outside of my room. Kept me up half the night! Meow! Meow! Meow!

I have to use the ‘show car’ to get anywhere because my husband has been stuck under the hood of his customers cars ever since then, and can’t even get to work on my van.

The sunrise was gorgeous this morning and I couldn’t get a picture!!

All of this is so irritating…and awful….and absolutely beautiful!!! 

See, as I always say, life is exactly what you make it. I could be angry and upset about all this foolishness surrounding me. But I’m not. There is no reason to be. No matter how pissy and angry I get, my van is still going to be broken, so is my phone. I can be fed up….or I can just BE up! So I’m up. I’m alive and it is a gorgeous sunrise!

“Daylight is breaking, the sun touches fire”-Keith Secola      Photo Courtesy Tatum Lamp

My husband hasn’t been able to fix my van yet, because he has been working on his customers cars first. Sure I could complain about that…but why? He’ll get to it when he has a moment, and me screeching at him to hurry and do it, certainly isn’t going to make him want to do it! I’m glad he has customers that keep him so busy!

Even though my poor van was broken down practically on the side of the interstate, I knew without a doubt that the first thing my husband would ask is, “Did you get my part?” So I called his parts guy and explained my dilemma and they drove out to me and delivered my husbands part for no extra fee’s! What a great company! Thank you to J R Advance Driveline of Eau Claire Wis! Incredible customer service!

In the meantime, I get to drive around in an early 70’s VW bug! What a neat little car, and it’s all good…the car actually DOES need to get driven around some before it gets stored away for the winter anyway. It’s kind a a dual purpose thing.

My phone is broken, but with Black Friday coming up in less than a month I can run to the local WalMart and buy a new one for around $20. The screen was cracked anyway and the picture quality was going down because the photo lens was getting scratched anyway. AND… the day my phone broke, was the day I was supposed to refill my service. Consider that a bonus!
The day my van broke down, I was going to have a person coming over to look at a truck that my husband was selling. After talking to them, the day before my phone broke, they were coming down to my house with a truck and trailer! So for a huge discount on the price of the truck we were selling, they picked me up with their trailer and drove my van, my dog and my self safely home!

After that, our very good friend Jiffy came over and helped me get the kids picked up from school! Added bonus, I got to drive his awesome Chevy Equinox and I LOVE to drive it! Yahoo!!

I was able to quickly find the duct tape and repaired my glasses in about a minute! Duct tape is awesome!

The sunrise this morning was incredible. I couldn’t take a picture of it, but I put a call out on facebook and within five minutes I had a beautiful picture of the sunrise to share with you all.

The cat caught a mouse and left it outside my bedroom door. I think it was an apology mouse!

How sad it would have been if I had only seen the ‘disasters’ and not seen the beauty that surrounds me. It is a beautiful world and how great to be a part of it!