This year’s election brought out the worst in a lot of people…even in our own candidates that we chose.

The country is divided. Half of us are celebrating an unprecedented win. The other half of us are mourning a great loss. In the end, what mattered was that we got out there and we voted. We did what we set out to do.

Some of us are hurting terribly today, and with good reason. Our candidate was not the winning candidate and we put up one hell of a fight.

Some of us are celebrating today, and with good reason. Our candidate, the one we voted for is the next President of the United States. We did that!


Photo Credit Tatum Lamp

There are some among us who are looting and rioting. That is never the answer. We can hurt, we can be angry, but never at the expense of other’s lives.

There are some among us who are gloating, and that is not the answer either. Have compassion and understanding that the election did not go in their favor, but respect the fact that they fought a damn good fight.

When Abraham Lincoln won the Civil War, did he gloat? No! As made famous by the song “Johnny Reb”, “When Honest Abe heard the news about your fall, the folks thought he’d call a great victory ball, but he asked the band to play the song ‘Dixie’ for you Johnny Reb and all that you believed.”

In discussion with my kidlets today I asked them WHY Abe Lincoln
did what he did. I LOVED listening to the kids and their theory’s on why. On top of it all, was the common consensus between my kids was “Abe felt their pain” and “Abe was a republican but he felt for the democrats”. Trumps speech and how he talked about how long and hard Hillary fought was great. He did a great speech and it was entirely accurate. She DID fight a good fight, and she fought all the way! He was right….and he was compassionate in bringing that all up. That was good!

Those are the kinds of things we need to remember today. Not that someone lost and someone won…but that WE both won and WE both lost. We are not anything but United Americans. We have withstood 200 years of a democratic Republic. We have fought oppression, we have fought tyranny together. Whether we are red or black, white or yellow, or any color of the rainbow, as one country for and against each other. We will triumph as we always do.

Together we celebrated ending slavery, we gave women the right to vote, we gave anyone of any color the right to vote, we gave folks the right to marry whom-ever they chose… We did that together. The president’s never did that on their own. WE did that. And we will continue to do that. That is what we do…

We fix shit! That is what we do!

We need to act as our politicians did today. Today, WE saw the best of our politicians. Today there was no name calling, no animosity, no Republicans or Democrats…today we watched our politicians come together. In polite and tempered speak as they made acceptance speeches giving huge amounts of respect to their rival parties. We listened as they conceded elections and vowed to bring together the nation. Our nation.

What we need to do now is hold our politicians to their speeches. We saw the best of the best today. We saw what politics SHOULD be. Not divisive, not meant to push people apart, but to bring them together. And they did.

Some of us are scared. Some of us are wondering what to tell our children. Tell them that YOU love them. That YOU care for them. That no matter who you voted for, we are still proud Americans and we will do what this country is best at…coming together and triumphing over anything. Tell them that we are lucky to live in a place where we are allowed to make such important decisions. Tell them that they don’t need to be scared. This is what we do. That brave men and woman for hundreds of years have fought, and some gave all for us to have an election process. That we practiced what we ‘preach’ around the entire planet on Tuesday…we have a Republic. And we are blessed and so very fortunate to be able to vote for what we believe in.

We can tell our children that we may not like our candidate, we can tell them we are glad they won, or we can tell them that the sky is falling…. but the sun will shine tomorrow, and the day after that. That we are a continuing legacy of freedom-no matter who our president is or even who we voted for…we are blessed to have the right to vote. That our brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, our grandparents and their grandparents fought to give us this right; that we all shed blood together as one great Nation to have this right that we practiced Tuesday.

No matter who took the highest office in the land, WE are still the winners. WE voted. We cheered. We booed. We cried…but we won. WE voted. We honored those who died to give us this right. They won.

We can also tell our children that like Obama said, “We do wish for Trumps success now” because when we push for his success… we push for ours as well. We may not have liked the outcome, but we are privileged to have the right.

We need to tell our children that we will always continue the fight. That we will fight for their future. For the Nation. For the Earth. For our natural resources. For endangered animals. We will fight for our rights, that we will continue the fight for clean water, non biased media and the rights of our fellow man…that nothing has changed. No matter who won, it is still up to us to BE The USA…and WE are. We don’t give up and hide when things don’t go our way, we get out there and we fight. We think. We overcome. We adapt. That we always do. And THAT is what makes us great. US. All of us. WE are the USA, no matter who is in the oval office.

Today in our politics, we saw the best of the best out there and we must endeavor to do the same. No matter who won the election, the ones who fought for freedom in 1776 were proud. Those folks fought and gave their lives to GIVE us this day. No matter who won, today we celebrate.

WE the people of the United States WON.