You have been called odd. Maybe being called strange, weird, unusual or even worse. It’s true…all of it. You’ve spent years trying to NOT be the odd one, and it’s taken a toll on you. So…STOP. STOP Trying so damn hard to be what you are not.  STOP trying to be what you are not.



You know what?  The best part of all, is that you were RIGHT all along, and all those fools who waste your time, and theirs,  by putting you down are wrong. They have been,  they are and they always will be wrong.

The problem isn’t that you dance to the beat of your own drum. It’s not that you rejoice in dancing in the rain, laughing at your own jokes or even that you still jump in the puddles left by a summer rain. The problem is human kind. Civilization.

Since time immemorial, anytime humans as a whole have come into contact with anything they did not understand, anything they found odd and even things they found unusual they seek to destroy it. Aboriginal and Indigenous peoples across the world can attest to that. Christians and those who are not Christians can attest to that. The animal kingdom can as well. You can probably name at least a dozen others in just a couple minutes.

It’s a flaw in our human evolution. It probably stems from earlier survival times. But we don’t live in those times anymore…where sticking out in a crowd would get you eaten by a saber tooth tiger.

Most historians believe that when Homo-Sapiens encountered Neanderthals they did not do so in peace and understanding. They met with bloodshed, preconceived notions, stereotypes and prejudices. The old and popular fiction book by Jean M. Auel “Clan of the Cave Bear” and her “Earth’s Children” series followed along those same myths.

To be different is bad. To stand out is not appropriate. And even in 2017, we still hold those same prejudices. “Black people are ghetto”, “Mexicans are thieves”, “Jews are cheap”, “Native Americans are drunks”,  “Kentucky people are hillbilly”, “White people are racist”…and this list continues for EVERY single  nationality, locale…

It has always happened. It shouldn’t, but it probably will. So embrace it. EMBRACE THE HELL OUT OF IT!

BE YOU!  Be perfectly, imperfect you. Dance in the rain. Splash in the puddles. Wear funny hats. Wear stripes and polka dots. Make dumb jokes that only you get. Sing out random song lyrics. Quote movie lines when they fit…and laugh.

You can appease some folks by trying your best to act “normal’. But you will never appease them all. You can’t. You won’t. So make YOU happy.

No matter how much you try not to be you, your classmates-your coworkers and even your family are still going to find something else they don’t like about you and do their damnedest to either get you out, change you or otherwise make you be more like them.

Do you know how few actors and actresses there would be if everyone DIDN’T put them on a pedestal of popularity and simply teased them(like they do everyone else)  for crying on cue, laughing like a madman or pretending to be nice when they are actually not?

I spent years wishing I was more like everyone else. When I actually tried, I saw how everyone else was…and I didn’t find it comfortable at all. I sorta like being me! 😀 YEAH BUDDY!

So what do you do? Bullied at work. Bullied at school. Maybe even bullied by your family?


Be you. Be true to you. Someone, somewhere is always going to complain. No matter what you do, how you talk, how you walk, how you laugh, how you smile, joke, read, game or whatever the hell it is; Someone is always going to find fault with you. Let ’em. They’re gonna anyway.

Someone is always going to be “your friend” to your face and the second you turn around they are going to be telling everyone how “bad” you are. They will always bully you. And so what? It happens across the globe, every single second of every single day. It’s human nature.

Then there is you. In all your weird glory. Here you are. Being you. So do it. Be the best YOU that you can be.

Love yourself. Be yourself. Love how perfectly unique you are. Let those complaints roll right off of you. You are brilliant. You’ve got this.