My little piece of heaven, driving home. That bright spot is where my heart is. 🙂

This Life Lesson came from my Facebook memories from a couple of years ago. When I think that the children could use a lesson, I stop and yell out “Life Lesson” and a random number.  So on that day years ago another Life Lesson was born.

I yelled out “Life Lesson #982”, which is the kids cue to stop everything and listen; they did. The numbers are chosen at random.

I asked the kids, “do you know what is worse than a person who is jealous of something someone else has?”

They didn’t know. So I told them TRYING to make someone feel that they should be jealous because of what YOU have.
It is interesting, our life lessons. We had a good discussion about no person being better than any other person.

Asuka said she thought a rich person would be better than a poor person.
We talked more and “realized” that rich or poor is only numbers. Papers. Shiny rocks. Expensive toys. But that being truly rich is being rich in things that cannot be bought or sold or traded for any amount of money. 


Richness or Poorness can be measured by the heart more accurately than by a calculator.

Friends. Memories. Love. Respect. Life. Fun. Happiness. A positive outlook. Compassion. A life lived to the fullest. Those things have a value that can never diminish.

Just because a person is rich does not make them valuable.

Just because a person lacks money does not necessarily make them poor.

Never feel ashamed that you have less possessions than another. Never make fun of one who has less possessions. Living your life happy surrounded by good people is richness, no matter how many zeros are in your bank account.

Remember though that you cannot be surrounded by those good people if you yourself are not a good person. Like begets like.

Be good. Do good. Live. Smile. Laugh. Help when you can. Give when you should. Treasure all your gifts…especially the ones that can only be seen with the heart.