curt before bees
Curtis immediately before being stung in the face. I am officially banned from showing the after picture of his bee stung face. I would probably loose my blogging access if I showed off his face. LOL!  


From my facebook memories. I had forgotten this, when my Curtis got stung in the face by an angry hornet.

Took pics of Curt yesterday, as he was cleaning up his truck spot. The box of his ‘new’ truck is now cut down and ready to go back on the little beast.

So I took a couple pictures of him and hung out, then I went back in. Within just a couple minutes, I heard him cursing like a sailor out there.

As he was preparing to move his truck box, he grabbed onto his cherry picker. Apparently, some hornets took up residence inside his cherry picker and took great offense that he dared to touch it. So they stung him. Right on the lip.
All that cursing and yelling brought me and the kids running into the yard, we didn’t know what was going on! Curt took his oxygen and propane torch and burnt those bees to a crisp! Made him feel better, anyway.

Then his lip started to swell. and swell. and swell. Then his entire face. we could just watch the swelling spread. So within about 5 minutes of the sting(s) and two minutes after frying the bees we were racing to hospital 15 minutes away with an ice pack, some benadryl and Matthews EpiPen Jr. (just in case). The swelling was rapidly approaching his eye and spreading back towards his ear.

He sure shocked the nurses! “WOW! What do the bees look like?”

Curtis said, “crispy” in a still pissed off voice. (although it sounded more like CWITHPY with his swollen upper lip and face!)

They gave him some shots and kept him under observation for a few hours, and had a “crash cart” ready in case he had any other bad reaction. After all of that they sent him home with instructions on what to look for later.

Today is a new day. Glad things went ok. It was harrowing for a while there. It is strange to think back, and look back on my pictures. One second everything is fine, and in just a couple minutes we are in full 10-33 (emergency) mode racing to the hospital.

It makes me reiterate what I stress to all of you everyday in my posts. LOVE those close to you. Tell them you love them, let them know you love them. Life can and does change in the blink of an eye. Do good things. Do random acts of kindness. Don’t be afraid to stand up for someone. Don’t be afraid to step away from the crowd. It’s your life. LIVE your life. Go out there and try new things. Meet new people. Sing. Dance in the rain. Love. Laugh.

On this note, I will close my post with a text that Curtis just sent to me from work. Yes, he is getting ribbed about his “big” face! Dr. kept trying to get him a note to take off work today, but he wouldn’t take it. So the guys are good naturedly laughing at and with him. So Curt told them all:

“F*CK Botox! Bee stings work better”