Just sitting here chilling. I have been watching Curtis play a zombie game on the playstation this afternoon. I’m all like “Look out!” and “oh my god he’s gonna get you!” I’m so distracting. “What does that do? Why is that there? How come you didn’t get that? Did you just die??”
He just takes it all in stride and laughs at me when I jump from a surprise zombie, pinches my nose a bit when I get too annoying. Just sitting there in our bed curled up laughing at the video game together. Just being US. 
Last night we had a great time. We shared some Bud Lights and listened to almost every genre of music ever. Some songs we just sat next to each other and listened, some we sang too and some we just sang at the top of our lungs..because, yeah…we can sing! LOL!
Sitting here today, tipping back some Nesquick chocolate milk and thinking about today and last night, I remembered something I never told ya’ll about when we went to St. Louis early this summer.
There were people everywhere at the conference and while we do a lot of public things, we do really like our alone times. Just the Larinna and Curtis time. Kids were all watching a marathon of Spongebob or something and we went outside in the humid summer air.
We walked back into the hotel via the stairwell. Being cement all the way up to the top floor (we were on the lowest floor) it echoed. We decided to sit next to each other on the cement stairs and listen to a couple songs while we sat there alone and tipped back a couple bud lights and talked to each other, like only good friends can do.
We played a few songs we both knew and before we realized it, we were singing along (Quietly… not belting it out like here) We laughed and looked in each others eyes while we sang. Every once in a while, our voices would blend perfectly and when they harmonized, the whole cement stairway just reverberated the echo.
It was possibly one of the coolest experiences in my life. I can’t describe the vibrations. It was amazing. We weren’t sharing a lover’s kiss. We weren’t joined simply by making love…it was our souls. Our timeless, limitless souls harmonizing and you could feel the vibrations in your head and chest. We shared what very few humans can share and it was the most beautiful thing I have ever done.
We talked about it last night and smiled again at the memory. I could have recorded it, but it wouldn’t have captured the true depth of human emotion dancing in the air.
Those are the things in life to cherish. Being in St. Louis was awesome, representing my Nation was an honor…sitting there with my love was incredible. I wouldn’t wish that we could do it more often, because then it wouldn’t mean as much.
Live every single moment15672773_1499126980116455_2114677605809625872_n you can and live it to the fullest. The only regret you should ever have when your time comes should simply be that you didn’t have enough time…not that you regretted not trying…or living while you had the chance. Do. Live. Smile. Laugh. Love with your whole heart.