Now that I have finally finished writing Running to Never, I’ve been thinking of all sorts of ideas that I can use for my next book.

Curt and I were in bed last night talking about all sorts of different ideas I can use and laughing through some of the ideas. We laughed and talked, tickled and poked at each other when we made some funny jokes and just spent an awesome evening before bed laughing and talking.

This morning when we got up we just picked up right where we left off. Calling each other goofy names and all sorts of other things.

Then Curt grabbed his socks and started hitting my rear end with them. He chased me from the living room into the kitchen and I grabbed a magazine off the bar and rolled it up and tried to swat him with it.

I really didn’t think this through very well as his arms are far longer than mine. He just reached over me, grabbed my wrist and took my magazine away. He started poking me with it (like the turd he is!) and I couldn’t get away. I was laughing so hard at the time I could barely catch a breath.

All of the sudden Curt yelled and jumped…and released me! I spun around like a ninja ready to do battle (that part might have been my imagination) and saw him rubbing his leg.

“Your cat just attacked me!”

“Well…what the hell is wrong with my dogs? They don’t protect me.”

“I don’t know. She didn’t scratch or bite to hard, but she sure let me know she was there!”

We both looked over at her and  there Shiloh was in the hallway looking all puffed up and angry, twitching her tail and glaring at Curt!

This spring little Asuka broke her wrist at school. Before she could get her full cast on, she had to use a small temporary cast. Both of Asuka’s cats were so caring. This is Shiloh helping Asuka with her pain management. 🙂


Cats are amazing creatures! What if I had really been in danger? Would Shiloh have attacked hard core style and chewed into Curt’s leg? Would she do that to a stranger if they came in and tried to grab one of the children?

I have never had a cat like her before. What a neat little friend I have. When Curt looked away to inspect the damage to his leg, I told her she was a good cat. 🙂

I think all too often we forget these beautiful little creatures that share our homes and our lives are underestimated. They have so much heart and so much love to give.

Today’s post is just a little thank you to my girl Shiloh…who took on a giant 50 times her size…and won! What a spunky and brave little cat! Love your pets today and realize how very important they actually are to you and your family.

Priceless little furry gems. Life is just better with a friend like these.