It hurts to know that in every single school across the country this second, there are bullies. That there are children who know no better than to bully; to hurt another to try and make themselves feel better…and that there are children out there being bullied right now.

Sometimes they don’t know what to say or how to handle the bullying. They let cruel words get under their skin and it hurts. Deep down, to their little souls it hurts.

gabe and matt
Our Gabe and Matthew. Gabe is the great guy in the background making faces at his momma. 🙂 Matt’s the guy in the front posing for Abercrombie. 

We focus so much on stopping the bullying, yet it still happens. We also need to focus, as we also have been, on helping those kids who are bullied. Giving them the tools to “fight back” how they can. Maybe it’s putting the spin back on the bully, maybe it’s the nerve to march right to a teacher or trusted adult and telling them. There are many things we adults can do to help our children get through their school years without being a victim of such senseless bullying.

We also need to remember, as I have stated many times, that bullying starts at home. WE bully too, even if we don’t realize it. The “hilarious”  “Can you tag my bf Bobby” meme’s and they are not today’s ideal of beautiful. That’s bullying too. Even if you only see the meme and not share but LOL and ROFL at it. You are laughing at another human for simply the way they look. School yard bullies often target their victims the same way.

There are simply too many young folks that are bullied at school, on the bus, and online that end up hurting themselves or worse. Always give your children the ‘tools’ to fight back. Help them with what they are bothered by. Are they always nervous? Help them to find ways to help that. Are they very shy and bullied because of it? Help them find themselves.

My child too get’s bullied at school. I found out about it this morning on our drive to work and school. My boy Gabe said that a bully had told him this: “Why don’t you just crawl into a hole and die.”

What a horrible thing for one child to say to another. What an awful thing for anybody to say to anybody else. It hurt me too, and I am sure it must have hurt my child.

When he told me that, I wanted to step on the gas, get to the school and have a strongly worded conversation with this little twerp…and his parents… I was absolutely livid!

But then my boy continued with his story. “I just looked him right in the eye (I’m pretty tall you know) and then I said ‘why don’t you go in first so I know it’s safe’ ”

This kid is amazing! Absolutely Amazing! I couldn’t have been more proud of that boy!

According to Gabe, the teacher that happened upon the scene when the bully first started talking had to keep from laughing out loud and was able to quickly pull the bully away and have a talk with him.  My boy was able to turn this around and redirect this hate. Not directly toward the bully…but away from himself. He used humor to deflect it.

Words hurt. And I know they must have hurt him, but I am so proud- so damn proud- that he stood up and said what he said. The bully was acknowledged, and when faced with stepping into the same hole he tried to push someone through, the kid simply didn’t know what to say. He just stood there with his mouth hanging open my boy said.

We as one worldwide community need to push even harder against bullying. It must end, and it must end with us. While we can chuckle along with Gabe and be proud of him, we must know that he NEVER SHOULD have been faced with that kind of a person in school.

It’s up to us to stop bullying. It can’t wait. We can’t wait. We owe it to our children.