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My Sister’s beautiful horse. “Many Miles” 

Here is an excerpt from Last Promise of Yesterday. Pre-orders go on sale April 5, 2019 and the book will be released May 1, 2019 barring any unforeseen things happening to mess up our schedules. 🙂

Dusk was falling in Minnesota. The autumn leaves shimmering with the last fading light, some falling slowly to the ground, whispering their descent.   “Adele, come on up and over here” he casually gestured towards the door, making a motion towards the old porch swing.

“George you’re crazier than an old bat if you’re thinking of sitting down on that thing!” She snorted a laugh, but grabbed their ice teas on the way to join him. “Last time you sat there I nearly had to call the fire department to pick you on up outta there with your old bones creaking.”

The chuckle died on his lips as she rounded the corner and met his eyes. She shuffled quickly over to him, stopping only briefly to set their ice teas down before reaching out to cup his face with one hand, laying the other over his heart.

Gently, he grabbed both her wrists and pulled her hands off him. He laughed, “Dammit woman! Back off! I’m not having a heart attack!” He leaned in and kissed her cheek, before moving to her lips and whispering against them. “Come walk with me.”

She took his hand in hers as they walked down the porch steps to the sidewalk. “Good to know you weren’t set on meeting your maker. Pity though, I was already spending some O’ that life insurance you been paying into. Remember that hot tub you never let me get?”

He stopped walking, took a sip of his tea and slowly lowered the glass to meet her merry eyes above the rim. “Why you think I came back from the brink? You ain’t getting no hot tub anyway. Probably break a hip and drown the first time you tried to hobble on in. Lord, I been saving you from yourself my whole life now!”

Laughing they turned on the sidewalk, waiting until the thumping of feet from the foyer let them know their young audience had retreated.

“Adele. The kids-” He stopped, unsure how exactly to continue with his story, “The kids haven’t-“   He searched his brain for the proper words to begin this conversation.

Adele waited. Fifty years now she had been listening to her man talk. She knew when her man needed to think before he spoke. When he needed to work it around in his head some before it came out of his mouth. Several decades ago she would have just kept asking ‘what?’ and chiding him to spit it out. Now though she just walked comfortably beside him and waited. It took far less time waiting on him as it did to try to hurry him along. She squeezed his hand but said nothing.

“The thing is, the kids haven’t just been studying 1851…I think in some way they’ve been living it. There’s three other children out in those woods, and they ain’t from around here Adele.”

“How do you mean? Their momma send up some of her drug pals to talk to them kids?”

“No. Nothing like that. Their momma wouldn’t have some kind of idea like this.”

Together they walked in the warm September dusk. “They in there Adele. Three kids who got no business being here. No business a’ tall. They” His dark, wise eyes carefully took in the small forest at the edge of the park before he began again. “They…well girl, I saw them. I really think they are from 1851. I watched and I listened to them for nearly an hour.  I think our babies be not just studying history, but studying living history.”

With the confession off his chest, he breathed deeply and exhaled, finally tearing his gaze away from the patch of forest to look at his wife.

“You know George, I never accused you of being an overly imaginative man. I still don’t, don’t worry about that. I’ve known the kids been hiding something. I’m glad to admit they didn’t inherit Jasmine’s skills at lying and sneaking around.”

She leaned into his strong shoulder, needing that bit of comfort. Her gaze too shifted to the small patch of woods. “We’ve had some snacks missing and a few other things too. Last two days them kids been totally cleaning their plates too.”

“They’re damn good kids Adele and they’ve worked hard to get back on track. I ‘spect no one knows what to do with three time traveling children. Three little, white, time traveling children.”

Silently she nodded. What would one do? What could one do? What could they do?

“What are their plans tomorrow?” George broke into her thoughts.

She shrugged, “Well, before this bombshell, I thought,” She emphasized, “that they were going to be just out playing old west with Lydia. Now I am not so sure. And I’m not sure what we should do about anything either.”


He shook his head as they turned and began the walk back to their house. There wasn’t a lot they could do, except jump all in. One old lady, one busted up Korean war vet and a couple of kids…and three more kids who were probably lost in time and scared to death.