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You know……..even when the sky is all grey or it’s raining or storming, life is truly beautiful. The colors, the feel of the air is charged with energy, it is beautiful.

When it’s so cold your face is freezing…well, before your eyeballs freeze too… look around. Everything is pristine and snow white, just waiting for that first blackbird of spring to herald in a new year.

When it’s so hot that it feels like you ran into an oven, look around…listen to the cicada’s singing a song of summer. Watch the heat roll off the pavement, then sit under the shade of a big oak tree and feel it grow, feel it love that humid heat and enjoy some sweet tea or lemonade.

When it’s fall and the leaves are falling, take a second to hear them shake loose and fall from the tree. The slight whisper as it falls and that tiny crinkle as it touches the ground.

Those things are beautiful. Such is our life. Sometimes we have a bountiful harvest, a glorious month or too, and then a ‘winter’ comes into our life….but you have to know it wont last. Soon, new things will sprout and other things will come to the light.

It may not be exactly what we want, but remember the “skunk cabbage” sprouts before the violets in the spring. We are exactly where we need to be.

Take everything in life as a gift. The pain- for you could not enjoy so much the joy, if you did not experience pain…and on and on.

Life is an incredible thing. When you can, pass on the love, the joy, the happiness, the smiles. It IS truly beautiful. Embrace that! Don’t set your goal in life to be better than the next guy or look better than them. Set your goal in life to simply BE HAPPY! That is all.