Life Lessons from Author Larinna Chandler

Work with Me

Having a review to publish regarding your book is a great thing. It influences whether or not a reader wants to purchase your book.

I will be accepting manuscripts for review. There will be no charge, and you may share your book review anywhere you would like to. I will share my book reviews here and on here on WordPress as well as my social media pages.

I will review fiction books only and prefer, but not limited to , westerns, romance, historical romance and especially prefer books with strong heroines. I’m not into the ‘woe is me’ kinda gals. 😉

Please head to contact me and send me a one page query letter about your book. If I choose to accept your manuscript for review, I will let you know within one week.

My reviews will never be harsh, or mean…but they will be truthful. If you are unhappy with a review, look over your manuscript a little more, there may be things that you can improve upon.

Besides loving to write, I also love a good book.

Besides a review that you can publish anywhere you would like, you will also receive a private email regarding things you can improve on in your manuscript.

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